Refresher Training Courses

Refresher Training Courses

Additional Video Conferencing Training

Please get in touch if you would be interested in booking a session.

We are aware that over time webmasters have moved on from their positions in churches and new webmasters have been appointed. Equally, for some who have remained in their posts, it has been a long time since they were trained and they would appreciate a refresher.

We are therefore offering some additional training courses which can be done online. These are face to face video conference calls; you can book individually and we will group you with no more than 5 other people so that the group remains small enough to be interactive.

  • training in small groups of 6 or less
  • training sessions last 60-90 mins
  • training will be over video conferencing
  • charges are per person.

As the groups will contain persons from different churches, we will use our ficitious church site for worked examples, rather than the data from any real church.

Each of the topics below will be covered in a separate 60-90 minute long session. Some are User-orientated, for everyday users, not involved in setting up at a webmaster level. These are prefixed "User". Some are concerned more with the background set up and permissions and are prefixed "Webmaster".

  • User - Using People Manager and Group Manager
  • Webmaster - Setting Permissions for People and Groups
  • User - Using your calendar, activity builder and service builder
  • Webmaster - Understanding the set up for calendars and activities
  • User and Webmaster - rotas, using them and creating them.
  • User and Webmaster - Resource booking calendar - setting up and using

Face to Face Training

If you would like any additional training for your staff or church members we are happy to provide that for you. 

  • training sessions last 2-3 hours and are often best scheduled around a lunch time to give people a halfway break.
  • Charges are per session, any number of attendees allowed.
  • £300+VAT if we travel to you and £250+VAT if you come to us.

Before you think about booking any training you may like to make sure your team have taken advantage of the free help videos on each page of your site and have also visited the support site (link at the bottom of each help video list) with its manuals. These are provided for you to save you the cost and time of extra training where possible.