Webmaster Training

Webmaster Training

To suit the different budgets and needs of churches we offer 3 training packages for churches using ChurchBuilder Extend.

Comprehensive Training

This is our most popular and most recommended form of training. The sessions are more relaxed than the intensive training and the gap between sessions allows you to implement changes and come back to the second session with your questions.

  • 2 sessions of up to 3.5 hours

  • sessions are usually booked days, weeks or months apart to allow time to implement your set up from the first session before the second one. 

  • sessions are often booked across a lunch time to give people a break.

  • sessions cannot be held back to back on the same day, but could be on consecutive days if needed.

These sessions cost £450+VAT each if we travel to you and £350+VAT each if you come to us.

Intensive Training

This session is helpful if you are short of time and want to fit all the training into one day. Do be warned that the training will move at quite a fast pace in order to cover the material, so it is good to choose webmasters who are up to the challenge and to keep numbers attending low (5 or less).

  • one training session of up to 5 hours

  • covers most but not all areas, tailoring it to your needs

  • requires tech-saavy webmasters as the pace is quite fast

The session costs £550 +VAT if we travel to you and £500+VAT if you come to us.

Long Distance Online Training

If you are too far away for us to travel to you or you to come to us for training, don’t worry, we will arrange online training with you.

These sessions cost £450+VAT for the intensive session or £350+VAT each for the 2 fully comprehensive sessions.

What Is A Webmaster and How Many Do We Need?

A webmaster is someone from your church that you have chosen to help with the set up of your ChurchBuilder site.

Their job will involve putting in the permission settings for your church, so that you can choose who has access to what information, setting up your church's activities such as services, setting up new rotas, helping your congregational members with any questions they have about the new site etc.

Their workload will be more intensive in the first few weeks, but then will tail off to a more minimal level.

The people you choose will need to be computer literate and also well trusted by your staff team or elders as they will be privy to all the information on the database. You might like to choose people with an up to date DSB check.

We would suggest a minimum of 2 webmasters per church to provide continuity should one leave and for support during set up. A maximum of 5 is our suggested limit but is at your discretion.