Rev. John Percival

Rev. John Percival

All Souls Church, Eastbourne

ChurchBuilder has enabled our growing church to expand the every-member ministry of working together effectively and efficiently. We spent considerable time exploring the different solutions on offer and we have been very pleased with our choice. From initial setup through to day-to-day running, the support has been speedy and helpful. Users of all different abilities appreciate the range of features, especially the responsibility reminders and up-to-date contact directory. Service planners always have the words and music at their fingertips. Ministry leaders benefit from the range of reports. The system continues to evolve and assist us in new areas. Everyone has more time to be doing the work of ministry rather than struggling with organisational logistics.

Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry

St Mary's Church, Maidenhead

The ChurchBuilder program has been a fantastic tool for me. I have no doubt that it saves us dozens of man-hours a week as a staff team. Planning services and meeting; organising rotas; looking up songs, creeds, addresses and phone numbers: all done at the touch of a button. Its user-friendly for a non-techie like me and, quite frankly, I’d be in the tall grass without it

Rev. Piers Bickersteth

Rev. Piers Bickersteth

Arborfield and Barkham Churches

Two things have particularly impressed me since our churches have started using ChurchBuilder. Firstly the quality of the product itself – which is simple enough for almost anyone to pick up and use, and yet is also helping us to do things in far more efficient ways than before. Secondly the outstanding level of support that we have received from Concordant Systems, as we have made this switch to their system. They have dealt with every question and request for help that we have sent their way with admirable speed, clarity, and grace.

Philip Leach

Philip Leach

Past Parish Warden, Parish of Solihull

We have been working for a year now with Katie and John and find that their response to queries is as prompt as it was at the start. Our new website, integrated with ChurchBuilder, is running well and as we steadily transfer our parish administration onto ChurchBuilder we are discovering the incredible flexibility of the platform. We are so glad that we chose this solution from the many on offer - and it's a delight to work with people who understand how a church works. Keep up the good work, it's really appreciated.

Martyn Walley

Martyn Walley

Operations Manager, Woodgreen Church, Worcester

We chose Churchbuilder for its functionality, affordable pricing and, above all, the excellent support that we have received from the outset. It is quickly becoming central to the way in which we organise our church activities. Highly recommended.

Candy Crane

Candy Crane

Admin Assistant, Northwood Hills Evangelical Church

ChurchBuilder has been easy to implement and easy to use! It has quickly become an invaluable tool for our church's administration. We are really pleased at how responsive and friendly the ChurchBuilder team has been to all our questions and needs. The help videos are clear and give step-by-step instructions, the online manual and forum are also extremely helpful. The features available are comprehensive at a very reasonable cost.

Nigel Ward

Nigel Ward

Associate Minister, Holy Trinity, Frogmore

In our original review we concluded that ChurchBuilder would provide a close match to our agreed requirements and this has proved to be the case. We have always received a friendly and prompt response from Concordant staff to our questions. Their support has always been very helpful and the many short teaching videos they supply are excellent. Having been through the setup phase we are now in a position to give access to church members to just those areas that are relevant to individual needs. At this stage we are already finding the whole calendar / rota facility a great help in engaging church members in their various roles. We are now looking forward to using Service Builder to prepare service content for projection and / or service sheets.

Nic Srinivasan

Church Administrator, Grace Church, Brockley

ChurchBuilder has been a great resource for our church, both for visitors investigating who we are and what we do, and for those already part of our church family. The technical support from the Concordant Team has been excellent and the system itself is easy to use even if you are not an IT specialist. We particularly like the eye-catching front page with its changing pictures/information, and the automatically updating list of recent sermons. Another fantastic feature is the online rotas, with their email reminder system and the ability to swap rota duties easily. Streamlining the administration means we spend less time on logistics and more time on making and growing disciples for Jesus.

Leo Davison

Minister, Christ Church, Wyre Forest

Even for a small church like ours Church Builder is a real asset helping to connect members and streamline processes within the church. It has been a joy to work with people who love Jesus and want to serve his church, which is seen clearly in the product, training and customer service they provide.

Stuart Burrows

New Malden Baptist Church

When we initially contacted Churchbuilder following a recommendation of some other church contacts, we didn't really know what to expect, or what we were looking for. 9 months later, we now have a brilliant new website and church administration site, developed with expert coaching and advice from the team at Churchbuilder. We have found them to be extremely customer focused, quick to respond to queries, and flexible to suit our requirements. Their platform offers so much functionality, we are probably only using about 10% of it so far but are still getting good value for money. Based on our experience we would recommend them if you are looking to overhaul your website and/or church administration systems.

Julie Taylor

St. Gregory's Church, Bollington

Our team of parish 'website' volunteers have no previous experience in website development but Concordant have been with us every step of the way, guiding us through the process. It was great to welcome John and Katie into our parish for our initial training sessions and they have been so responsive to our many questions by email and phone. We recently launched our new website at a parish celebratory event, where we received very positive feedback. We were able to demonstrate the 'members' part of the website and are now looking forward to our various parish groups starting to use the rota manager and other features over the coming months.

Peter Marrison

Sherbournes with Pamber Church

Our parish required a more secure and easy to use system than our previous home built one. Church Builder has met our requirements and given us extras we did not have before. It has cut down on Administration time especially in the preparation and management of Rotas. The personal training, the online manuals and the Help videos are especially good and the company gives speedy and helpful responses to our questions.

Will Mackenzie

Grace Church, Greenwich

Our church chose Churchbuilder for the rich features provided at a very reasonable cost. The tool is extremely flexible and customisable and the team have been extremely helpful in providing training and additional help with the setup of our site

Harry Hawkes

Ministry Assistant, St. Andrew's, Kirk Ella

“The great thing about Church Builder is that it works for everyone in the church family. It’s designed so that people who are new to computers can use it to achieve simple yet important tasks, but sophisticated enough so that those who are experienced in computers can use its features for more complex matters. Above all it serves the church well by helping to organise church family life throughout the year therefore bringing glory to the Lord Jesus.”

Isobel Manning

Church Administrator, St. James, Barkham

ChurchBuilder has met all our stated needs and then some. We started by looking for an online membership directory and came out with so much more. It puts ownership and responsibility into the hands of the members and creates a collaborative medium for cross-functional requirements/needs – we are in it together. It will streamline the church office function and reduce administrative hassles. It is intuitive for semi-literate computer users and easy to learn for novices. And, it is cost-effective for our size of church.

James Dunne

Church Warden, Emmanuel, Bicester

ChurchBuilder matched our requirements and is creating new ways of managing church business. Our experience with ChurchBuilder has been very positive. In the selection process we started by modelling how our church operated and then reviewed the systems on the market to see which would best fit our requirements. We found that ChurchBuilder matched our requirements very closely. We have also found the support from John & Katie to be first class. In our system investigations existing ChurchBuilder users kept praising the level of support they experienced and this helped us make the decision.

Jane Hibberd

Jane Hibberd

Administrator, St. Mary's, Maidenhead

I would recommend this system to any church and urge you to try it and see for yourself how it can simplify the most challenging of administrative issues and procedures that stem from everyday church life. I hope you will be as delighted with it as I am.

Julian Bidgood

Minister, St. James, Barkham

ChurchBuilder has proved to be a great time-saver in many weekly tasks. I find Service Builder very simple to use and like the fact that I can shape services together with musicians without lots of extra emails or phone calls. We are really benefiting from up-to-date rotas and the directory has completely replaced my old paper copy with its countless amendments. People’s contact details are available instantly and then it is really helpful to be able to send emails to targeted groups rather than filling everyone’s in-boxes with things that are not relevant to them.

Heidi Cooper

Heidi Cooper

Church Event Organiser, St. Mary's, Maidenhead

ChurchBuilder makes event bookings quicker, easier and more accurate. It’s saved me 3-4 hours a week of admin. I don’t know how I ever managed our church event without it!

Karen Stoddart

Church Administrator, Emmanuel, Bicester

As a relatively new ChurchBuilder user I can say that the initial stages of implementing the system have been extremely positive. While looking at the different systems available and speaking to existing users I was struck by the overwhelming praise not just for ChurchBuilder as a package but for John & Katie’s approach to customer service and their willingness to develop the system further in response to users feedback. Whilst we continue the implementation process it is good to know that as well as an efficient and intuitive system we also have a friendly and responsive help desk too.