Calendars, rotas and service planning are often central to the running of your church. ChurchBuilder will help you with these and other planning and organisational tasks.   

Rota Builder


Flexible rotas with automatic reminders and online swaps.

  • Create any number of rotas

  • add people individually or as teams

  • receive automatic duty reminders by email, text and via the app

  • online swaps with automatic rota update and rota owner email notification

  • instant clash notification across rotas

  • print out hard copies of rotas for those not online

  • individuals can “volunteer” or mark themselves “unavailable” for dates

  • draft feature for putting the rota together

  • proxy feature for marking in volunteer/unavailable dates for those not online

  • bespoke permissions to control who can see and amend each rota

  • sync rota with your home calendar or phone

  • view rota in columns or rows



Flexible calendars with resource booking and activity rota information.

  • create layers such as “public”, “members”, “staff” to tailor content to viewers

  • set bespoke permissions to control access to each layer

  • schedule or repeat regular entries

  • link entries to activities to provide rota information for that date

  • layers can be synced with online calendars on your computer or mobile device

  • two way sync of layers available on Apple devices for your staff team

  • resource booking per activity, also viewable on the Resource Booking Calendar (see separate feature information)

  • set dates relative to Easter

  • viewable on the mobile app

Resource Booking


Book resources online for both church use and private hire.

  • add rooms, equipment and other resources to your site

  • see a resource by resource view of bookings on the main calendar

  • group resources for ease of management

  • choose who can make unconfirmed or confirmed bookings

  • instant clash notifications if 2 parties try to book one resource

  • automatic booking of regular church activities to guarantee availability

Activity Builder


Click on an activity in the calendar to get a view of all the rota information for that date.

  • Activity Builder is reached by clicking on an activity in the calendar

  • information is combined from different rotas and displayed for the activity

    • E.g. clicking on the morning service for a given date will show you all the different people serving during the service that morning (leader, reader, musicians, refreshments etc), even if their individual rotas are separate

  • information shown here is also viewable on rotas and the resource booking calendar

  • information shown here is automatically generated from the rotas or vice versa, no need for you to fill it in twice

  • For services, you will find "Service Builder" at the bottom of your Activity Builder page.

Service Planning


Put together services online, generate service plans, orders of service and VP slides.

  • Create service templates e.g. "morning service" to give you a quick starting point for your planning

  • Collaborate remotely with other staff/members with changes being made live

  • Store song words and sheet music

  • store liturgy (prayers, creeds, confessions etc)

  • print a service plan summary

  • generate an order of service sheet

  • information automatically pulled from rotas and added to your service sheet

  • print out large copies for the visually impaired, or email them out for use on a mobile device in church

  • export to video projector slides

  • export to video projector packages such as ProPresenter, Zionworx, Easy Worship, Words of Worship, OpenLP

  • print out music pdfs

  • search for songs by keywords, authors, tagged words e.g. "openers", "kids"

  • use the CCLI helper tool to speed up recording of song usage

  • view a record of song usage per song

Music Manager


Upload your song database and music PDFs for easy service planning.

  • Upload and store song lyrics and sheet music (under terms of your CCLI licence)

  • search by keywords, author, tags

  • links to Service Builder for putting together service sheets and VP slides

  • print sheet music from home for practising before services

  • view record of usage per song for tracking how often it is used

  • generate list of song usage for CCLI report or use the CCLI helper tool for regular reporting of songs

  • compatible with song projection packages such as ProPresenter, Zionworx, Easy Worship, Words of Worship, OpenLP.

Meeting Planning


Schedule meetings with groups or individuals without having to make endless phone calls to find a consensus on a date.

  • Select groups and/or individuals to invite

  • add meeting information and upload PDFs or files (agendas, minutes etc) for invitees to access

  • choose a fixed date or select multiple tentative ones

  • email the group with the selected dates

  • view statistics as to which date is most suitable

  • email invitees to confirm the chosen date.