Church Member

If you are a church member then here are some ways in which you might like to use ChurchBuilder to make your life a little easier.


Each church member has their own profile where you can update your contact details and choose to publish or withhold your contact information from other members. You can also opt in for email or text reminders by ticking a box here.

The "my ical calendar" link gives you the ability to link the church calendar with your personal online calendar/smart phone calendar, showing you your rota duties and church events and helping prevent double booking.

You can also print out a copy all your upcoming duties by clicking on the "list of my calendar entries" link. 

People Manager and Mobile App

Are your quick and easy way to look up contact details of other church members, on your PC or on an Android or Apple phone or tablet. The app is free and gives you easy access to contacts, groups, upcoming duties, calendar events and more.

Rota Manager

Allows you to check the rotas you are involved in and receive text or email reminders of your duties. You can print off a hard copy to pin up at home, choose which layout you prefer, make online swaps quickly and easily, volunteer for dates you can do and mark yourself as unavailable for those you know you can't. If you are a rota organiser, you can manage your rota here too.

Calendar and Zones

The online calendar allows you to keep up to date with activities going on in the church and you can visit the zones on the church website to keep up to date with other information such as upcoming events.

Event Builder

Allows you to book and pay online for church events such as holiday clubs, weekends away or evenings out, doing away with the need to remember to fill in your form and take it back to church next week.