Pastoral Worker


ChurchBuilder has some useful tools to support the work of those caring for others in your church family. The particular features you will find helpful are:-

People Manager and Mobile App

  • look up names and contact details of church members.

Group Manager

  • create groups to help manage the care of those in need
  • use group features to track visits, keep notes, coordinate with other carers, receive automatic reminders of key events and sync information with your online calendar
  • send out emails to carers or those in need
  • print off reports or mail merged letters
  • plot postcodes on a map to plan care by geographical area e.g. group those in need with those who live close by. 

Rota Manager

  • set up rotas for your pastoral team to coordinate visits, meals, phone calls etc.
  • email or text reminders ensure that no forgets when they're on duty.

Calendar and Resource Booking Features

  • create a pastoral care layer on your ChurchBuilder calendar to coordinate visits
  • book rooms and equipment online for any pastoral events you are organising.

Event Builder

This also may be useful for planning trips away or events such as pastoral training events or days out.